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The first of a series of posts about what was going on in the game is up on the forums. If you always wanted to know, now’s your chance… click on the link!

For a number of reasons I am pulling the plug on this game. It’s not a decision I have come to lightly, but I believe it’s the right one. Lately it’s been more work than fun for me, and that’s not healthy, either for me or the game state.

The reasons (in no particular order other than the order in which I think of them) are:

  • Although the quality of downtimes received remains high, I find that I’m putting them off until the last possible minute, always finding something else to do. Instead of looking forward to weaving a more intricate, ingrossing and ultimately rewarding story, I’m looking at them as work. That’s not good.
  • Aside from my procrastination (which certainly isn’t helping matters any) I just don’t have the time to devote to the stories and plots that are already going, let alone introduce new ones. Having a full time job, and a family, as well as the other things I do for fun means that I don’t have the spare time to develop the storylines as much as they deserve to be developed.
  • My computer is being sent away (under warranty) to Christchurch tomorrow to fix an issue it has with it’s DVD drive. I don’t know how long it’ll be gone for but I assume it will be at least a week, which will put me at least a week behind where I already am before I get it back.
  • Certain events recently have really sucked the last remaining enjoyment out of the game for me. I said right at the start of the game that I intended this to be a grim and gritty game, one where your actions will have consequences. So far in this game, there hasn’t really been any consequences of note, with one exception – Father Christian Smith. In his last downtime one of his actions was “I want to go to the forest by myself and investigate this monster”. Before the game even started, I said to Ian if anyone goes into the forest, after being warned, they die. My original plan was just to tell the player “Your character dies, make a new character.” After receiving this downtime I considered giving this response. However, I changed my mind. Aside from anything else, it’s a hell of a disappointing end to a character. As a result, Father Smith ended up possessed, and the creature possessing him planned to kill as many Vampires as possible using his body. I have since had a couple of conversations with Father Smith’s player, who considers that anything that happened to his character is not his fault because “I choose to go in the forest alone because I thought it would best fit my character concept and his derangement and then was force into a situation where I could die.” (for the record, his derangement is “I am the Right Hand and Executioner of God. He walks with me in all things” – essentially a superiority complex). Was it in character to go into the forest? Sure, why not. However, as a player you must be able to accept that sometimes your character does stupid things, and those things may have a lasting – or  fatal – effect on the character. Derangements are not comedy value, they are drawbacks. They drive your character to do bad or unsafe things. Claiming that I forced the character “into a situation where (he) could die” and taking no responsibility for the player’s actions when it all goes pear shaped is something I simply cannot be bothered taking flak over. Nowhere during this game did I say that the PC’s are protected by plot – in fact I think I hinted quite strongly that as far as the supernatural world goes, the PC’s are minnows and there are lots of things out there – Vampires and others – that are much stronger, and not just physically. Going into the forest with the plan of “I shoot it and if it doesn’t die I run away” is not a plan which carries with it no consequences. Getting grief because I had the audacity to do something bad to your character is not something I can be bothered dealing with, quite frankly.

Mostly, I don’t have the time to tell the story the way it deserves to be told. But also, I’m not enjoying it any more. So it’s time to pull out before I just stop caring about it altogether and ruin the game for everyone.

I’d like to thank ALL the players, without exception, for playing the game so far. Part of the reason I don’t have enough time is because of all the stories that are floating around, some driven by me or Ian, but the vast majority being started by, or continued by, the players themselves.

I’d also like to thank Ian for the help he’s given me running the game. It wouldn’t have survived this long without his help.

I plan to email each player sometime (when I get my computer back!) with details of the plots they’re involved in, who’s behind them, and what’s going on, unless Ian (and other volunteers) decide to keep the game running. I’ll be checking the gmail account from work periodically if you have any private questions or comments.

As they say “It’s been emotional”


Game on: Wed 29 June

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just a quick note to say the game is on for anyone who can make it. Clubs and Socs building, 7ish until 9ish.

Hey folks,

I’m in the process of mailing out the downtimes now – I’ll push out the deadline to get the next ones in to midnight this Sunday 26th June so you have more than 3 days to get your next one in.


So it turns out enough people can make the game, but I can’t 😦 An eye infection, coupled with a headache that won’t GTFO means I’m calling it off.

Sorry folks. I will send out the downtimes via email, and the Harpy will report on the results of the Rant (there are some things there that will impact some of you quite heavily, but it was all announcement type stuff rather than something you could actually do anything about).

The next scheduled date for the game (29th June) is in the middle of mid-year break; in the downtimes email I’ll ask and see who’s going to be in town and who’s away, and tailor the game appropriately.

The game is still on. It’s beginning to seem to me that I keep cancelling on you folks, and for that I apologise. Real life sucks sometimes. I encourage you all to submit another downtime for the next game (whenever it is – 29th June or 13th July) and to also talk to each other IC about what’s going on. Big things are in store, theoretically starting next game. Stay tuned!


Hey folks,

Who out there in LARPland will be coming to the game this Wednesday? More importantly, who won’t be coming due to exams/out of town/work/whatever? We’ll need to have a few bodies there to make it worthwhile so if too many people can’t make it we may just call it off (again…)