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Forums are being taken down

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

The LABN forums have gone into “read only” except for the General forum, and will be completely removed on Monday night. If you have any burning last questions, ask them on the General forum, here, or by email.

Thanks once again to everyone who played.


The first of the small revelations… today: Who was that Masked Man?

The last of the “big” plots (this was a “little big plot” 😉 )

I have one more “What was Really Happening” to do and then I’m all out of city-wide plots to spill. After that there are the plots and schemes of the individual characters. Are people interested in these? I know some people are interested in the real identity of the vigilante, at least, and possibly what Hellman and Weaver were really up to 😉

However, I don’t want to go spilling people’s secrets for their own characters, so I have a questions for you all: Should I:

  • Not post anything, and let people post their own secrets? (this probably won’t happen though, I’m guessing)
  • Post the plots that Ian and I created for specific characters, but leave the player-created plots alone?
  • Post it all, and let God sort it out?

Answers here, or FB, or forums!

The third to last installment:

One more for all y’all:

One more for you: