Character secrets – keep em secret?

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have one more “What was Really Happening” to do and then I’m all out of city-wide plots to spill. After that there are the plots and schemes of the individual characters. Are people interested in these? I know some people are interested in the real identity of the vigilante, at least, and possibly what Hellman and Weaver were really up to 😉

However, I don’t want to go spilling people’s secrets for their own characters, so I have a questions for you all: Should I:

  • Not post anything, and let people post their own secrets? (this probably won’t happen though, I’m guessing)
  • Post the plots that Ian and I created for specific characters, but leave the player-created plots alone?
  • Post it all, and let God sort it out?

Answers here, or FB, or forums!


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