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Game on: Wed 29 June

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just a quick note to say the game is on for anyone who can make it. Clubs and Socs building, 7ish until 9ish.


Hey folks,

I’m in the process of mailing out the downtimes now – I’ll push out the deadline to get the next ones in to midnight this Sunday 26th June so you have more than 3 days to get your next one in.


So it turns out enough people can make the game, but I can’t 😦 An eye infection, coupled with a headache that won’t GTFO means I’m calling it off.

Sorry folks. I will send out the downtimes via email, and the Harpy will report on the results of the Rant (there are some things there that will impact some of you quite heavily, but it was all announcement type stuff rather than something you could actually do anything about).

The next scheduled date for the game (29th June) is in the middle of mid-year break; in the downtimes email I’ll ask and see who’s going to be in town and who’s away, and tailor the game appropriately.

The game is still on. It’s beginning to seem to me that I keep cancelling on you folks, and for that I apologise. Real life sucks sometimes. I encourage you all to submit another downtime for the next game (whenever it is – 29th June or 13th July) and to also talk to each other IC about what’s going on. Big things are in store, theoretically starting next game. Stay tuned!


Hey folks,

Who out there in LARPland will be coming to the game this Wednesday? More importantly, who won’t be coming due to exams/out of town/work/whatever? We’ll need to have a few bodies there to make it worthwhile so if too many people can’t make it we may just call it off (again…)