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Posted: May 31, 2011 in Background

Due to a communication stuff-up between Ian and myself, downtimes have not been completed and so I’m calling the game off tomorrow night.

If everyone involved is keen we can run through the “attacking the beast from the forest” scene – I think the players involved were:

And in-game people suggested Glenn/Lucas may be keen as well (will get in touch with him soon).

It may be a very quick scene (depending on how fast you run away or alternatively how stupi… er… brave you are), so if you can’t be bothered coming in for a half hour scene I understand and I’ll narrate it.

This quite handily also gives me some time to do some clean up things I’ve been meaning to get around to, so I’m not too disappointed about the whole thing really. I’ll cook up an in-game excuse to delay the rant by two weeks so the next game will be Wednesday 15 June, and it will be the Carthian’s Rant.