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Entrance off Lovelock Avenue

The next game, being the Rant held at Griffith Park, is going to be held at the Upper Botanic Gardens, off Lovelock Avenue. Every weather forecast I can find (I’ve checked 5) says fine all day tomorrow so fingers crossed it’ll hold out. If there is a change of plan I will email, text, and put a message on Facebook before 5pm tomorrow. If you have not heard from me before then, it is at the Gardens. We will meet in the Azalea garden (see map). I’ll be there as close to 6pm as I can, game to kick off as usual at 7pm. If your regular character isn’t going to the rant, now is your last chance to tell us and we’ll organise an NPC for you to play. So far we have 6 not attending.

See you all there!


Hey folks,

For some reason some of your characters balk at giving a point of your blood to the Circle of the Crone as payment for attending the coming Rant (I can’t imagine why…. πŸ˜‰ ). If your character is planning to not go, please drop me a line at the gmail address. We still want you to come to the game! We’re putting together some NPC’s for you to play – usually but not always someone who has something to say at the Rant. We need to know how many NPC’s we’re going to need though – we know the four Lancea Sanctum are all planning to boycott – is everyoneΒ else OK with giving their Vitae to the Blood Witches? BWHAHAHAHA πŸ˜‰

Because someone asked;

If you want to pick up a new Merit, or Skill, or Discipline, or Attribute (did I miss anything?) then you need to spend the appropriate amount of XP and devote a downtime action to it. I’d like some sort of in-world explanation, of course, but you don’t have to describe every intimate detail of how you picked up Craft (Macrame) πŸ™‚

Each new item requires a seperate downtime action; if you were to increase your Strength from 2 to 3, pick up Streetwise at level 1, and learn the second level of Nightmare, you’d have to devote three downtime actions (and 28 XP!) to it.Β  If you are picking up more than one level at once (say going from Brawl 1 to Brawl 3) you only need to devote one downtime action to it.Β  Also, you can pick up a skill, and a specialty for that skill, as part of one downtime action. Two different skills would require two different downtime actions, however.

As I said above, make some effort to tell me how your character is developing/discovering this new awesomeness. It doesn’t have to be an epic in scope, but more than “I spend 2XP and learn Spanish” πŸ˜›

Feedback required

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Hey guys, gals, and ghouls,

I know it’s early days and we’ve only had two sessions, but I’d like your input on the game so far. Are you loving it? Hating it? Too slow? Not enough happening? Just right? Any and ALL comments are appreciated – please post them as comments here, or if you’d rather not do that, email them using the link on the left, over there

<——– (remember to take the extra dots out πŸ˜› )

Remember we’re trying to make this a collaborative game, and that means if there’s something you’re not enjoying, tell us about it! If there is something you’re enjoying, tell us about it!

I do have a little tiny warning for all y’all though: We were awfully nice when processing downtimes last time, just to ease you into things. The smelly brown thing is heading in the direction of the whirling ventilation device, it just ain’t here yet πŸ˜‰ So if you wanted a bit more of a challenge, just wait and see what’s going to happen!

Right, get to it!

The next two games

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Just to confirm what was said last night: the next game is:

(More IC details on this to come – I know the Lancea are boycotting and we’ll deal with that shortly :twisted: )
Date: 30 March 2011
Time: 6pm-9pm, game starting at 7.
Place: to be confirmed: If the weather is nice I hope to run this at the botanic gardens. More details closer to the time. If wet, will be at Clubs and Socities, Albany Street, rooms 2 and 3

Then the game after is:
Date: 6 April 2011
Time: 6pm-9ish pm, game starting at 7.
Place: Clubs and Socities, Albany Street, rooms 2 and 3


Rooms Confirmed!

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The weekly booking for the LARP and off-week roleplaying/”Setite Cafe” has been confirmed – we are in rooms 2 and 3 (the same rooms we were in last week) every week, all year. We’re booked in from 6 until 9 but I’d be very surprised if anyone books the rooms after 9pm so in essence we’ll have them all night.

A big thanks to Gene for organising this for us πŸ™‚

As promised (but a couple of days later than I hoped to get it out there) here is a sample downtime, using the character from the creation document. Apologies if I mention your character in here, remember Mike doesn’t actually exist in-game πŸ˜‰

Mike Simpson, downtime

Number of Downtime actions: 6 (This is the character’s Resolve score plus 4)

Relevant Merits: Media Allies, 2 dots

1) After talking with my sire, I’m going to head out to the new club in town and try and figure out who is running it – she suspects it’s a front and is being run by a Kindred who is using some of the regular customers as a herd. I’ll schmooze up to the bartender and any female wait staff and see what I can find out about the owners. Not particularly worried about being subtle but if anyone asks my name I’ll tell them it’s Mark Thompson. If I detect any other Kindred (through Predator’s Taint) I’ll quickly try to determine who it is, but I’m not going to hang around long enough to meet them.

2) I want to meet with Jacob Henderson before he leaves the city, to discuss the ritual he performed at the Elysium. I want to find out exactly what it was that it accomplished. Again I’m not worried about doing it subtly, and will use my real name. I’ll try and find him through Hadrian, a fellow Circle of the Crone member whose phone number I got at last Elysium.

3) I need to raise some quick cash (see next action for why). I plan on using my Streetwise and Persuasion skills to locate a small-time drug dealer, beat him up (not fatally) for his goods and sell it on the street. Obviously I want to be a little more subtle about this one :). I’m looking to raise about $3,000

4) Hellman has promised to help me protect my family but needs some up front capital to do so. I’ll hand over whatever money I get from number 3 above, and tell him that he needs to run any sort of plan through me first, as my family don’t know about Vampires. I don’t trust him but after the threats I’ve received about my family I’m willing to take a risk.

5) I’ve received a message via the Carthian forums from Sam Del Rio. She wants to me with me about something. I guess I better turn up.

6) Feeding Action: As per normal, I’ll just hang out at some fashionable club (or clubs) somewhere, and take a couple of women home with me each night, making sure I don’t go to the same place twice.

Free Action: I get my Media Allies to investigate this “masked vigilante” that was in the last news. What do they know about it? Could it be a Hunter?


Simple as that πŸ™‚ It doesn’t have to be in this exact format, but something LIKE this would be great.

Have fun with it!