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Once again, thanks to those that came to the last character creation session! The characters and political nature of the landscape is starting to take shape… so far (confirmed/mostly finished characters only) we have:

4 Daeva
1 Gangrel
3 Mekhet
1 Nosferatu
4 Ventrue

2 Carthians
0 Circle
5 Invictus
1 Lancea
5 Ordo Dracul

So the clans are (reasonably) evenly distributed, while there is an obvious abundance of Invictus and Ordo as far as covenants are concerned. That is absolutely fineΒ – the more in a covenant the more interesting the political outlook gets! Likewise, if you’re in a covnenant more or less by yourself that gives you plenty of room to get on with whatever dastardly plan you have….

In related news, Mojo’s now officially has NO FLOOR, so the next sesssion (scheduled for 9 February) has had to be cancelled – at least the venue has been. Whether we hold it at the same time at a different (non Clubs and Societies) venue, or at Clubs and Socs but at a different time – they close at 7 currently – remains to be seen. Watch this space!



Thanks to those that showed up to the first character creation session – the Kindred of Los Angeles are starting to take shape! There’s another session, same time, same place, next Wednesday (the 26th) to finish off those characters, and introduce I hope a whole lot more!

In related news the character creation document is available here! Like, right here! Character Creation

Β Also on the forum. Did I mention there’s a forum?


What: Makin’ characters, finding out about stuff, general gasbaggery
Where: Mojos, 217-odd Leith Street
When: Wednesday 19 January, 6pm – 9pm
Who: You, of course!
Why: Cos we gotta πŸ™‚ There’ll be 2 or 3 more after this as well, this is a good opportunity to start the creative juices flowing πŸ˜‰

Also, and somewhat unsurprisingly, there’s Yet Another Forum! Go to, sign up, and post away πŸ™‚


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That’s about it, really πŸ™‚ Hope 2011 is a great one for all y’all πŸ˜‰